TekConnX offers a world-class video communications experience or what is often called Interactive Audio-Visual Technology (IAVT) that TekConnX provides from StarLeaf.

Video calling and conferencing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective way to bring people together.

StarLeaf’s focus is to deliver the most affordable, versatile and flexible video calling and video conferencing environment, which is above all else, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy.

StarLeaf provides a range of HD video products and software endpoints, managed from the cloud that anyone can use and deploy without training or IT support.

StarLeaf gives you:
  • An easy to use consistent environment that requires no training
  • A complete range of endpoints for rooms, desktops, PCs, Macs and iPads
  • Assured excellent voice and video call quality
  • Free guest invitations to meet anyone on any device
  • Multi-party conferencing, dial-out or meet-me, for groups of up to 20
  • Screen sharing and video conferencing simultaneously
  • Rich functionality for video and voice including:
  • Transfer
  • Forward
  • Hunt groups
  • Video mail
  • Call history
  • Speed-dial favorites
  • Easy provisioning and management through a single web portal
  • All calls authenticated and encrypted
  • Failsafe with full redundancy and multiple data centers operating 24×7
  • Total interoperability with all existing video and telepresence installations (H.323/SIP)

There’s one more very important aspect to what we do that saves you money. We’ve eliminated the need for you to buy, own, and manage costly video network infrastructure.

StarLeaf Breeze – software for video calling and conferencing

With StarLeaf Breeze you gain all the power of business- grade high-definition video, multiparty conferencing, and content sharing on your PC and/or tablet. As a complete video collaboration environment, it is ideal for today’s workforce. Perfect for when on the move, working from home or even in the office–you stay personally connected and face-to-face with colleagues, customers and partners. And just like all StarLeaf telepresence solutions, it’s easy-to- use and very easy to install. It’s simply a breeze.

Meet anyone, anywhere, anytime

StarLeaf Breeze offers universal connectivity so that you can host or join meetings easily, no matter where you are or where a videoconference is being held. It enables secure calling to any StarLeaf room or personal telepresence system, as well as the ability to call any standards-based video conferencing system, be it hardware or software.

  • Free to download and install
  • Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and iPad
  • Secure video and voice calling over IP
  • Works with any supported webcam
  • Intuitive and simple to use, requires no training
  • Connects to any standards-based video system
  • High-definition telepresence
  • Instant access to corporate directories, personal contacts
  • Meet anyone with Guest invites Speed dial feature for favorites
  • Dial out or Meet-me conferencing for up to 17 people
  • Screen sharing
  • Far end camera control
  • Call history
  • Video mail and message waiting notification
  • Send and receive video and voice

And with the Guest Invite feature you can ask anyone to join you on a video call or conference, for free, directly from their PC, Mac, or iPad, enabling you to meet anyone outside of your organization, anywhere in the world. When using StarLeaf Breeze to call a StarLeaf or a traditional room-based video endpoint you can zoom in and out using far end camera control. Sharing and receiving content is standard, as is encryption.

With StarLeaf Breeze you benefit from all the versatility of our stunning and intuitive user interface, along with the ability to make both video and voice calls.

Healthcare Professionals and their Organizations

StarLeaf offers healthcare professionals and their organizations the easiest, most cost-efficient and secure way to video call and conference compliant business associates and patients. StarLeaf protects the patient’s privacy, while delivering business-grade high definition video and audio quality. Thus enabling individual or multiparty consultations to take place face-to-face at anytime, day or night.

Situation: Interactive audiovisual technology (IAVT) in Telehealth: When it comes to Telehealth, IAVT offers tremendous advantages for working with those who are in remote areas with limited access to in-person services; those who are home-bound (e.g., those with agoraphobia or a physical disability); those incarcerated, where risks, mobility of prisoners and access to care are surmountable concerns; and those who need professional services outside usual business hours. Indeed, for some individuals in-person treatment may not be a possibility due to personal, physical, psychological, financial, transportation or cultural issues, and IAVT may be a viable treatment option for them.  Additionally, IAVT is proving especially helpful for communicating with in-person treatment clients between treatment sessions, (such as in emergency situations and crises) as well as when a client may be away from their home area for an extended period of time. For those clients who want to, or need to, continue regular contact with their clinicians, these technologies provide the means to do so effectively.

Why HIPAA Matters to Your Organization: It is important that health organizations ensure that an IAVT program they use is HIPAA compliant and also complies with the more recent HITECH Act of 2011. People expect healthcare organizations to keep their personal health information confidential and safe from data breaches and other exploits. Healthcare organizations have self-interest at heart because penalties for non-compliance with HIPAA can be substantial. In cases of “willful neglect,” a HITECH penalty can be at least $50K per violation up to a total of $1.5 million in a calendar year. Other breach-related costs will be incurred for discovery and containment, investigation of the incident, remediation expenses, attorney and legal fees, loss of customer confidence, lost sales and revenue, brand degradation, and so on. Compliance is a serious responsibility on many levels, and we can help.

Solution: StarLeaf makes it easier to reach your patient clients using video technology without opening up any vulnerability, and as a cloud-based solution it can be considered totally secure with both media and signaling being encrypted. StarLeaf helps maintain HIPAA compliancy for qualifying entities by guaranteeing secure video, audio and data sharing:

  • Non-optional encryption is enforced throughout
  • No video, audio or content is recorded by StarLeaf
  • All calls are in real-time and leave no residual video, audio or content on the StarLeaf Call cloud-based infrastructure
  • AES-128 encryption is applied to all StarLeaf to StarLeaf calls, applied to signaling, media, data, and management of the system
  • The industry standard H.235, with AES-128 encryption for media, is applied when StarLeaf connects with H.323 standards based video hardware or software
  • StarLeaf to SIP or SIP to StarLeaf uses AES-128 encryption for media, audio, and video
  • No auto answer function on any StarLeaf software or hardware system allowing for increased 

Benefits to You: StarLeaf believes video calling and conferencing is the most powerful and cost-effective way to bring people together. And, there’s one more very important aspect to what we do that saves you money… We’ve eliminated the need for you to buy, own, and manage costly video network infrastructure.

So if you’re looking for an easy to use, yet affordable video communication system that keeps you in touch with your patients, then StarLeaf is your answer.

If this is a solution your team would consider using to enhance your communications capabilities, please contact us so we can coordinate a date and time that we can provide you a short but compelling hands-on demonstration and talk a bit more about what we have to offer.

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