Emerging Technology Solutions


In today’s business environment, increasing competition requires more advanced and complex solutions, often spanning organizational and geographic borders. Businesses must exploit emerging business opportunities by rapidly adopting new technology, including Web and mobile-based solutions.


For marketing, support, sales and other executives that are trying to kick start their organization’s commitment to social media, a command center is the central place to listen, engage, and analyze all relevant social media conversations. It showcases how an organization is posting, advertising and measuring their social media campaigns all while sharing knowledge and best practices internally and externally. A social media command center is essential for deriving social intelligence for understanding a brand, industry, customers and prospects and competitor’s conversations. Our team can plan, design, and build your facilities to enable you to stay abreast of and collaboratively share data and information that is important to you and your organization, real time, anywhere, and on any device!

Integrate your customized facilities with our A/V and social technology solutions and you receive additional ROI because these centers can then be used as multi-purpose rooms–used in flexible ways that support your needs:


  • A standard meeting space for people seated at a conference table
  • An A/V teleconferencing room typically used for meetings of about 3-6 people or more
  • A sophisticated collaboration conference room for 2 or more local participants, to use laptops to brain storm a presentation, review a budget, prepare a grant proposal, etc.
  • An advanced presentation conference room with multiple video display capabilities
  • A computer-enhanced collaboration facility typically used by two or more participants, combining audio and computer conferencing, to work with remotely located parties on projects or have meetings


If you want to capture potential customer interests to advertise, or brand your business, then video walls might be your answer—and build them. Video walls are often the centerpiece of a tradeshow floor and are now found in boardrooms and war rooms, airports, hotel, retail, theaters, stadiums, and broadcast control centers or anyplace you want to capture the attention and imagination of consumers.

Benefits: One of the key benefits of video walls is their capacity to regularly refresh the display media. Content can be continuously updated in video walls. These walls offer cutting-edge effects that exploit such new technologies as HDTV and help attract customers and other key audiences.

Another advantage of video walls is that they can be managed remotely, without the need for onsite personnel. Thus, they are more cost- effective. They can tell stories, provide information and create imagery that evokes emotions. Video walls may not only evoke emotions they can also elicit real-world response using touch or gesture-based interaction.

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TekConnX delivers the most affordable, versatile and flexible video calling and video conferencing environment, which is above all else, comfortable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy. Our solutions provide, dynamic messaging, quick customization and cost-saving delivery to reach your target audience anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Some of the benefits of our solutions include:


  • An easy to use consistent environment that requires very little training
  • A complete range of endpoints for rooms, desktops, PCs, Macs and iPads
  • Assured excellent voice and video call quality
  • Free guest invitations to meet anyone on any device
  • Multi-party conferencing, dial-out or meet-me, for groups
  • Screen sharing and video conferencing simultaneously
  • All calls authenticated and encrypted
  • Total interoperability with all existing video and tele-presence installations